Yes– algae. The first time I heard about this tiny plant being used as a supplement, I actually asked “that green stuff that grows in ponds?” After researching it, I realized the impressive array of benefits and was sold– I began taking algae supplements. As a raw vegan, I was always trying to find a sustainable protein source that I could enjoy drinking day in and day out. That’s when it hit me– with my newfound love for algae, extensive research and product refinement, and a well-rounded team, I created Loverdé. For years, we have developed and perfected our Green Protein a sustainable, healthy, algae-based protein supplement that everyone can enjoy everyday!


- William Brinkley Founder of Loverdé

Key Benefits
Effective Protein

Our blend of algae provides protein in the most absorbable form possible. This means almost 93% of the protein is capable of being absorbed and used by your body. Now that's efficient! 


By utilizing algae as the sole source of protein within this supplement, we are able to offer a vegan protein supplement without any undesirable ingredients. 

At Noah's Inc. We believe the consumer experience is everything, which is why taste is very important to us. We strive to offer a supplement that's tastes as good if not better than the leading brands. 

Our protein harnesses the power of Astaxanthin, the most potent antioxidant on earth. We believe your body deserves a protein supplement with antioxidants to fuel your recovery and overall wellness.

Great Taste

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